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Jagua is an organic tattoo made from the Jagua fruit juice, which can be found in the Amazons. It is safe to place on the face or for maternity shoots. It is applied onto the skin with a bottle applicator. After 1 hour (or more), you can wash it off. Like henna, the longer you keep it on, the better. The tattoo is very potent and will stain your skin even if it's made contact on your skin for 5 seconds. After washing the Jagua ink, it will look as if it is gone. Don't panic! It's organic. The stain will appear a few hours later. Jagua tattoo will last 1-3 weeks depending on care. Those with berry/fruit allergies should be cautious.

It is not "black henna."

Don't panic, it's organic...

henna tattoos

Henna, also known as Mehendi,  is an organic tattoo ink made from the leaves found in the Middle East. It is mixed with essential oils and citrus and can be applied onto the skin with a cone or bottle. Henna teaches you about patience, culture, and art. It is widely used for Indian, Hindu, and Pakistan celebrations. It is applied onto the skin with a bottle or a cone. Henna takes about 48 hours to get at its darkest. Avoid using too much soap on the area and do not soak it in pools or baths within the first 2 days. Depending on the care and the ink, henna tattoos can last 1-3 weeks. 



  1. Leave henna on, all day. The warmer your body gets, the darker it will get.

  2. Do not wash off henna within the first 5 hours. The longer you wait, the better. ​​

  3. Henna will dry, crack, and fall off on it's own. Once you see your skin turning orange, henna is already staining your skin. 

  4. Henna takes about 30 minutes to dry. Apply lemon syrup (lemon/sugar) with a cotton ball on the drying henna. Apply it twice for best results. The longer henna paste is wet, the longer and darker it will be (optional). 

  5. Once henna is dry, wrap a paper napkin over the henna. Wrap plastic wrap over your napkin and sleep with it (optional)

  6. Shower, wash it off, or scratch it off.

Black, colored, or white henna does not exist. Safe "colored henna glam" is made of body glue and body paint; it does not stain the skin and lasts a few days. Be cautious of chemical dyes and ppd. Although henna & jagua are organic, you can still develop an allergic reaction to it (e.g. nuts are organic, but people have peanut allergies). Seek medical attention should you experience a fever or other allergic reactions. 

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