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Paint Classes

We all start with a blank canvas...

  • How do we book a class?

    • ​Email, WhatsApp, or send us a message on our website.​

  • Where can we paint?

    • In the comfort of your home

      • (Agat to Tumon area)​

    • Cafes, restaurants, etc. 

      • So long as the event is coordinated by the party host.

  • How many people do we need to book a private class?

    • We need at least 7 participants per class or at least $200 total fee.

  • What can we  paint?

    • Request for a custom painting or choose from our existing options. We may need 1 week notice.

    • Each session is about 2-4 hours, depending on the painting you select and the amount of students per class.

    • Canvases start at $30.

  • What is provided?

    • Apron​

    • Brushes

    • Cups

    • Canvas (Guest keeps)

  • What do the host provide?​

    • Table​

    • Chairs

    • Water/Sink (for paint)

    • Work space

    • We can provide the venue also.

  • Do we have to be an artist?​

    • No, we will be painting step-by-step​.

    • Paintings can be done with little to no art experience.

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