Scary Halloween DIY looks for Halloween

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

Chloe B Babauta, cbabauta@guampdn.comPublished 11:31 a.m. ChT Oct. 27, 2017

Try out this simple yet scary look for Halloween. Chloe B. Babauta/PDN

Leatherface or Frankenstein's monster makeup by Lorzalyn Artistry applied to Pacific Daily News producer Mark Flaherty in Hagåtña on Oct. 17, 2017. (Photo: Frank San Nicolas/PDN)

Instead of going with the typical green ghoulish Frankenstein’s Monster aesthetic, try out this botched surgery look. It’s on the more challenging side, so take your time and experiment if you have less experience with makeup. The best part is you don’t have to make it look pretty or symmetrical. On Halloween, it’s good to look bad.

What you’ll need:

  • Flesh-colored liquid latex

  • Different shades of liquid foundation or cream-based concealer

  • Matte powder

  • Paintbrushes

  • Small rubber bands

  • Scissors

  • Fake blood

  • Eye makeup, lipstick (optional)


  • Paint the outlined shape of the botched sections with flesh-colored liquid latex.

  • While you wait for the liquid latex to dry, paint in each botched section with a different shade of liquid foundation or concealer. Be sure to paint on top of the dried liquid latex.

  • Pat matte powder (matching with the color of foundation or concealer) on top of the different sections. This keeps the foundation or cream in place, so your makeup will stay on throughout the day or night.

  • Cut small black rubber bands into thirds or quarters. You can make the rubber band pieces different lengths to vary the look of the stitches.

  • Use liquid latex (or spirit gum) to attach the rubber band pieces to the face, to create life-like stitching.

  • Fill in eyebrows, eye makeup or lips to go with your look.

  • Pull latex up from skin to make it look like loose pieces of sewn-together skin.

  • Paint on fake blood with a paintbrush. Make sure to put blood under pockets of latex to create the illusion of blood dripping from under sections of skin.

  • Do touch-ups and customize your botched surgery look.

Fake blood is applied with a paintbrush to pockets of skin for a realistic bleeding effect. (Photo: Frank San Nicolas/PDN)

"It" Girl

Pacific Daily News reporter Marie Perez pulls up her Pennywise half after her clown makeup session in Hagåtña on Oct. 17, 2017. (Photo: Frank San Nicolas/PDN)

Pennywise is probably on your mind (and in your storm drains) this Halloween, as Stephen King’s “It” made a comeback this fall. Mix up the typical clown look with this peeling half-normal, half-terrifying-clown makeup. You’ll be Halloween’s “It" Girl.

What you’ll need:

  • Clown wig (hair net optional)

  • Makeup sponge

  • Baby powder

  • Makeup brushes or paintbrushes

  • Black eyeshadow

  • Skin-toned eyeshadow

  • Red makeup or red face paint

  • Eyeliner or dark costume makeup (optional)

  • Fake blood (optional)


  • Tie up your hair and put on a hair net (if you have one) before putting on your clown wig.

  • Outline shape of the half clown face with white water-based or cream-based makeup.

  • Use a wet makeup sponge to apply white makeup to the clown section. Pro tip: using a sponge makes the makeup more consistent and even, when compared to using a brush. Brushes make strokes more visible.

  • Apply baby powder with a fluffy brush to make the makeup matte so it doesn’t move. This makes it more durable for when you’re sweating at a party or trick-or-treating.